Eat These Foods To Help You Lose Weight

It is no secret that one must have a very strong will, a lot of discipline, and the ability to make serious adjustments when it comes to performing a serious personal campaign to lose weight. While methods like exercising and calorie calculation are essential in any weight loss campaign, having sufficient knowledge and control over consumption are also essential. This is because the powerful commercialism of food has changed people’s eating habits dramatically and for the most part this means moving people from consuming healthy options to consuming offerings that are fatty, cholesterol-high and unhealthy.

In reality there are indeed foods that are pretty helpful when it comes to the reduction of weight and fat. These healthy foods are not very commercialized but that does not make them any less relevant as far as wellness is concerned.

There are indeed many healthy foods that prospective weight losers can find by researching online and the five best foods they can find in the list are as follows:

1. Whole grains – Whole grains are essential for the carbohydrate requirements of the body, and at the same time its carbohydrates are not the same as the processed carbohydrates (which are bad for the body) that come in pasta and white breads. Whole grains are also rich in minerals and fiber and these can aid the effort on dieting and losing weight.

2. Lean meat – Eating lean meat is recommended over the common fatty meat that is widely available. Lean meat comes in different varieties and each has their own health benefits that can be useful to any effort to burn fat and lose weight. Salmon and tuna are lean meats that are rich in protein (which is needed for building up muscle) and omega-3 fatty acids, and at the same time they are enhancers for the immune system.

3. Low-fat dairy products – Consuming dairy products that come with low amounts of fat is vital to weight loss as a study conducted at Purdue University showed that people who consumed three cups of fat-free milk gained a lower amount of weight over a span of two years when compared to those who consumed the low-calcium kind. Milk itself is essential for having strong bones and the good news is that low-fat or non-fat milk products are widely available in the market. Low-fat and non-fat milk also come with high levels of vitamin D, which not only aids the body’s consumption of calcium but also boosts the metabolism, which leads to better fat burning.

4. Green vegetables – Green veggies like lettuce and celery have very low calorie counts at less than 15 calories per cup. These simple foods are more helpful to the weight loss effort than many think. In fact, the body burns about 85 calories per hour when chewing/digesting food, and as such having a cup of green vegetable salad (composed of asparagus, celery and lettuce) will actually help the person’s body burn more calories than what it takes in.

5. Olive oil – Found in meals like vegetable salads, olive oil is a good type of fat that helps the body burn fat while keeping cholesterol levels down. As part of their daily routines to lose weight, more dieters are consuming olive oil (especially extra virgin olive oil) over orange juice in the morning.

15 Fat Burning Foods – Revealing the Foods You Must Eat to Lose Weight!

Fat Burning Foods Formula: Nutrition + Exercise = Weight Loss.

Many people have been fooled into the “hype” of magic pills that provide short term solutions to long term issues. Most however do accept that nutrition and exercise are the two key proven features to burn fat effectively. I am going to share with you the best 15 fat burning foods so you can start your weight loss journey with the right knowledge.

15 Fat Burning Foods:

# Garlic – Best vegetable for fat burning food yet!
This vegetable is a natural diuretic in the body and helps break down fatty deposits as well as lower your cholesterol levels. Top Tip – Eat plenty garlic!

# Bean – small and delightful!
Beans are also a good source of food as they make you feel full faster. They are rich in soluble-fibre that lowers LDL levels and high in protein.

# Meats (especially lean ones)
Lean meats without the visible fat are great sources of protein. The body burns more calories because meat is harder to digest compared to other foods.

# Salmon – Great tasting fish.
Salmon has a fantastic source of omega 3 acids and helps in lowering leptin which is the hormone directly linked to your metabolism. This has the great advantage of meaning the lower the leptin, the more fats that you burned

# Almond – Small and sweet.
Almonds are good for fat burning as they are rich in ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that assists in burning calories. It is also helps in improving your cholesterol levels.

# Onions – Be careful with your eyes!
Onions have minerals and oils that will help to promote fat loss by the breakdown of fat deposits and speeding up your metabolism.

# Cucumbers
Cucumber are an extremely high water content food. This keeps your body hydrated and oxygenated which is excellent for metabolism control and fat burning

# Diary Products Low Fat. – (Make sure they are low fat!)
Low-fat dairy products are high in calcium. Low-fat yogurt and milk have high levels of calcium that speeds up your metabolic rate and assist in burning fat.

# Blueberries – Taste Great!
These berries are rich in antioxidants which change the way that the body stores fat and use glucose which overall is good for your fat burning process.

# Broccoli – Love it or hate it, it is good for you.
This vegetable is great as it has the ability to reduce bad estrogen, which in turn raises the natural energy in the body and burns hormones.It is also a good fibre-rich vegetable that is high in all the right vitamins and has good levels of folate and carotene.

# Chilli Peppers – Red hot
These peppers, although surprising have been linked to losing weight. The reason that this is in intertwined into the chemical make-up of chilli peppers. The chemical capsaicin triggers a thermodynamic burn in your body which then in turn helps you to lose weight naturally. This chemical has strong weight lose effects as it helps burn calories and prevents fat storage in your body.

# Bitters – The name says it all, but it’s worth it!
Bitters, Swedish being the best, have been linked to assisting the digestion of fat within the body so it is advisable to take these when possible.

# Whole grains – The key to weight loss.
Being packed with high levels of fibre whole grains have a good effect on your body. Fibre plays a vital part in fat burning as it performs a vacuum like function that effectively and naturally sweeps the body of fats.

# Green Tea – Light but powerful
Green Tea has a wide variety of weight lose properties. The main one is chemical called EGCG. This is a great way to dramatically increases burning your calories.

# Avocado – Taste great!
This fruit helps fat burning through its high concentrations of monounsaturated fat. The most important being oleic acid. This powerful antioxidant that dramatically increases burning calories and therefore is a great fat burning food

These 15 fat burning foods if eaten regularly will help you to lose weight and improve your body’s nutritional intake. Learning what foods to eat and not to eat is a very hard task in itself with so many different views on what to and what not to eat.

Losing Weight With Raw Food Diet

Wellness is made of different elements combined- Everything that makes us human: mind, emotions, body and Spirit, are affecting our health and off course our happiness. Seeing this perspective of life, seeing your health related to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life, creating the platform for raw food lifestyle. Raw food is not a magic bullet. It is a lifestyle that requires you to commit, be responsible and take the time to incorporate it properly into your life.

Why do most weight loss programs fail? Probably because there are at least three things you must do before even starting a new exercise plan or a diet and that most programs don’t ever consider which usually leads to impatience and unrealistic expectations.

Preparing your body beforehand will help preventing uncomfortable detoxing experience as the body suddenly dumps toxins trapped in fat into your system. It usually creates cravings for cooked foods, yes. People also have really deep embedded lifestyle patterns that are not so easy to change suddenly, based on years of living a certain way that the mind-body, and spirit have adapted. There for, before jumping into a raw food diet, it is important to go through these three things, gently:

1. Re-building the body, the digestive system the immune system, and the elimination system.

2. Cleansing the body of toxins built up by years of cooked foods

3. Cleansing the mind, emotions and Spirit.

Cleansing the Body:

The Liver: It’s almost impossible to maintain a good healthy body with an unhealthy liver. It is important to cleanse the liver before starting a raw diet.For us, westerns, who live in a polluted water and air environment, eating cooked food. For sure a toxic liver may be part of the inability to lose weight. There are plenty of programs available, just choose one and go for it.

The Colon: If the colon is not fully releasing the waste that accumulates there after each meal, that waste rots, and turns into a toxic waste which then leaks back through the wall of the colon into the bloodstream creating diseases and making it harder to lose weight. It also creates a feeling in the boy body as if it needs more nutrition, sending signals to eat more food.

So when the system is toxic, there is less energy for exercise, which obviously contributes to excess weight. A toxic colon is a breeding ground for parasites, causing yet another toxicity problem that can interfere with weight loss. Parasites are often hidden cause of colon toxicity, low energy and weight imbalance. That’s why a good colon cleanse might be just the right thing to do.

Yeast: Another hidden, insidious obstacle to weight loss is yeast. If you have Candida problem it is definitely something to address before starting a weight loss program. Eliminate, wheat, sugar and white flour, MSG and Aspartame when you’re starting a raw food diet. it may seem worse at the beginning as your cells dump the candida into your blood, but eventually the raw diet will eliminate it fully.

Blood:When the liver/colon are toxic, then the blood is probably toxic, too. It is a good idea to support your body in losing weight, by cleansing the blood. As always, research available products and programs, see what fits you. For many people the red clover is gentle and very effective, even for children.

It is important to eliminate the nastiest from your diet right away: MSG, aspartame (NutraSweet) refined sugar and the hydrogenated oils.

Stevia- is a very good alternative herbal for sugar, it may take some getting used to. Another herb that helps directly with sugar cravings is called Gymnema Sylvestre.

Misc- The herb Cilantro is good for reducing heavy metal toxins.

Building the body:

Once the body is clean and you feel healthier, its time to turn the attention to building the system up. It’s a vital step on the path to losing weight permanently. here are some areas to consider-

Collodial Minerals:

One of the overall good health supplements for pain reduction,normal weight and keeping the body functioning properly is colloidial minerals. There is a variety of good formulas. The best way is to use internal feedback to determine if to take them or not. Raw foodists eventually develop good instinctive eating abilities.

Essential Oils:

A few whiffs of the right essential oils can help relax very fast. Use oils every day, simple. Regular inhalation of certain essential oils has been proven to work well for relaxation and some aid in appetite reduction. Pure therapeutic grade oils also oxygenate the cells which greatly increases energy levels on a regular use. Many essential oils are antibacterial as well, they are great for working and living in today’s polluted world It really feels as if they give a certain amount of protection from toxicity in the air, foods and environment.

Cleansing the Body, Mind and Emotions:

It is important to carefully watch for emotional and mental triggers with weight management challenges, until the awareness of these have reached a point where they change naturally. This is a critical point where many dieters give up. It can be very difficult to be detached and non-judgmental about our triggers at the beginning, to carefully watch for mental and emotional triggers.

We’re numbing ourselves with food oftenso we don’t have to look at what we begin to see about ourselves. When we get paste that point, true emotional and mental re-patterning can occur. Try to objectively observe what your triggers are.

Some activities can help re-place an urge to eat: Dancing, taking a walk, music, taking a hot shower listening to some good music, reading a book,doing something creative, drinking some herb tea,meeting a friend, cuddling with a loved one, meditating, praying, drinking more water, inhaling some essential oils. having fun and laughing! For some people lit helps to get counseling or join a weight loss group. Sharing with others who are going through the same things you are. It will be invaluable support.

A release ceremony is very effective for releasing hurt feelings, past wounds and fear based on past experience when emotional baggage is contributing to overweight.

There are plenty of books, workshops, audio and videos, programs as well as web sites dedicated to these subjects. find the ones you resonate with and that are in harmony with your life style.

My name is Kranti Gil

I live with my wife and 2 amazing kids in an alternative community that is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley.

You can call me a spiritual seeker even though as the years pass and i gain more knowledge, more perspective, i sense that its more about being then doing.