15 Fat Burning Foods – Revealing the Foods You Must Eat to Lose Weight!

Fat Burning Foods Formula: Nutrition + Exercise = Weight Loss.

Many people have been fooled into the “hype” of magic pills that provide short term solutions to long term issues. Most however do accept that nutrition and exercise are the two key proven features to burn fat effectively. I am going to share with you the best 15 fat burning foods so you can start your weight loss journey with the right knowledge.

15 Fat Burning Foods:

# Garlic – Best vegetable for fat burning food yet!
This vegetable is a natural diuretic in the body and helps break down fatty deposits as well as lower your cholesterol levels. Top Tip – Eat plenty garlic!

# Bean – small and delightful!
Beans are also a good source of food as they make you feel full faster. They are rich in soluble-fibre that lowers LDL levels and high in protein.

# Meats (especially lean ones)
Lean meats without the visible fat are great sources of protein. The body burns more calories because meat is harder to digest compared to other foods.

# Salmon – Great tasting fish.
Salmon has a fantastic source of omega 3 acids and helps in lowering leptin which is the hormone directly linked to your metabolism. This has the great advantage of meaning the lower the leptin, the more fats that you burned

# Almond – Small and sweet.
Almonds are good for fat burning as they are rich in ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that assists in burning calories. It is also helps in improving your cholesterol levels.

# Onions – Be careful with your eyes!
Onions have minerals and oils that will help to promote fat loss by the breakdown of fat deposits and speeding up your metabolism.

# Cucumbers
Cucumber are an extremely high water content food. This keeps your body hydrated and oxygenated which is excellent for metabolism control and fat burning

# Diary Products Low Fat. – (Make sure they are low fat!)
Low-fat dairy products are high in calcium. Low-fat yogurt and milk have high levels of calcium that speeds up your metabolic rate and assist in burning fat.

# Blueberries – Taste Great!
These berries are rich in antioxidants which change the way that the body stores fat and use glucose which overall is good for your fat burning process.

# Broccoli – Love it or hate it, it is good for you.
This vegetable is great as it has the ability to reduce bad estrogen, which in turn raises the natural energy in the body and burns hormones.It is also a good fibre-rich vegetable that is high in all the right vitamins and has good levels of folate and carotene.

# Chilli Peppers – Red hot
These peppers, although surprising have been linked to losing weight. The reason that this is in intertwined into the chemical make-up of chilli peppers. The chemical capsaicin triggers a thermodynamic burn in your body which then in turn helps you to lose weight naturally. This chemical has strong weight lose effects as it helps burn calories and prevents fat storage in your body.

# Bitters – The name says it all, but it’s worth it!
Bitters, Swedish being the best, have been linked to assisting the digestion of fat within the body so it is advisable to take these when possible.

# Whole grains – The key to weight loss.
Being packed with high levels of fibre whole grains have a good effect on your body. Fibre plays a vital part in fat burning as it performs a vacuum like function that effectively and naturally sweeps the body of fats.

# Green Tea – Light but powerful
Green Tea has a wide variety of weight lose properties. The main one is chemical called EGCG. This is a great way to dramatically increases burning your calories.

# Avocado – Taste great!
This fruit helps fat burning through its high concentrations of monounsaturated fat. The most important being oleic acid. This powerful antioxidant that dramatically increases burning calories and therefore is a great fat burning food

These 15 fat burning foods if eaten regularly will help you to lose weight and improve your body’s nutritional intake. Learning what foods to eat and not to eat is a very hard task in itself with so many different views on what to and what not to eat.

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